Gwendolen Gray

Member At Large

Principal and CEO G2B Consulting
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Gwendolen Gray is President and Founder of G2B Consulting, Inc., a professional transportation management consulting, business development, and marketing firm. Ms. Gray has a professional multi-modal transportation background and has served in the public and the private sector infrastructure projects for twenty-nine years. She has gained a wide range of experience in program management, project, construction management, and compliance management; this includes project controls on capital, rail, freight rail, highway, roads and ports. Ms. Gray is currently the Project Compliance Management on the Link Union Station (Link US) a ($62 million) project, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Authority. Prior to starting her firm, Ms. Gray was the Project Controls Program Management Consultant in the Program Management and Highway Group, Los Angeles County Transportation Authority. Ms. Gray also has twelve years of professional experience of Compliance Management and Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE), and Disadvantage Veteran Businesses Enterprise (DVBE) Oversight. Provided guidance and technical direction to ensure compliance, development of Mentor Protégé Programs (MPP), develop strategies, technical workshops; Labor practice, issue recommendations concerning allegations of illegal, unethical, discriminatory or improper conduct. Risk management to ensure contractual compliance obligations are met. Ms. Gray presently serves as the Southern California Regional Chapter President and Board Member of the Conference Of Minority Transportation Official COMTO. Ms. Gray has been a transportation advocate for many years. She understands that public transportation plays a significant role in finding solutions to the numerous challenges facing America today, whether it’s more jobs, a cleaner environment, energy independence or a better quality of life. Ms. Gray holds a B.S in Organization Management and a minor in Accounting from Cabrini University.
GwenDolen has been actively involved in COMTO since 2008 and have served in the following capacities:

Council of President Representative Alt. (2016 – currently serving)
Immediate Past President of Southern California Regional Chapter (served 2014 – 2018)
Financial Secretary Philadelphia Chapter (served 2012 – 2014)


HUB Subcommittee Co-Chair (currently serving)
Fundraising Committee
National (currently serving)
Southern California Regional Chapter (currently serving)
Philadelphia Chapter (previously served)
Strategic Planning Chair of Philadelphia Chapter (previously served)
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