Michelle D. Hiett


Revenue Systems IT Consultant, Hatch LTK
Location: Ambler, PA
“Helping others is the rent we pay for the space we occupy.”

This motto is the premise by which Michelle D. Hiett lives. With the goal of understanding the “Big Picture” towards adding immediate value personally and professionally, it is also the basis by which she orchestrates completion of each assignment. For more than two decades she served in the non-profit sector establishing policies, procedures and new reporting mechanisms to prevent grant funding losses, preserving headcounts and preventing layoffs through development of hybrid financial/operational indicators to identify cost savings, creating analytical tools which improved finance operations, promoted successful financial audits and ensured going concern,developing test scripts and completing design reviews for new project initiatives and providing expert guidance and training to support staff as well as to those in leadership roles.

Michelle successfully employed positions of graduated responsibility from general accounting and financial analysis to project implementation support within a wide variety of industry. Never shrinking from undertaking a challenge, Michelle transitioned readily from health-related industry to transportation-related industry eight years ago when she joined the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) and became a pivotal contributor to the SEPTA Key project. In October 2017, she maintained her forward momentum and broadened her scope by joining LTK Engineering Services to assist the general public at large and now enjoys the opportunity to assist other major public transportation communities in Maryland, New York and Washington, DC among others.

Finally, Michelle has served transportation and related industry through service to trade organizations such as COMTO and WTS in leveling the playing field for minorities and women. As Assistant Treasurer/Scholarship Selection Chair for COMTO Philadelphia, Michelle was tasked early in her tenure with auditing close to two decades of advertised scholarship distributions. She also established COMTO Philadelphia’s distribution of annual tax statements, acknowledging to funders their total contributions for the previous year by event or initiative. During her first term as Treasurer, Michelle recouped $7,000.00 for the chapter from previous commitments that had been unfulfilled for a variety of events. In a volunteer organization, this is no easy task and requires a delicate balance of professionalism towards maintaining current and prospective financial supporters. Now, as President, she maintains all integrity in the processes employed by the chapter as well as provides a level of financial transparency unmatched by any of her predecessors.

Michelle has mastered the art of resourcefulness through her listening and problem-solving skills as well as her technique of researching every accessible avenue prior to seeking further assistance. She brings the expertise and flexibility needed when clients must extend their existing human resource base for a long-term project or a task-oriented assignment. Michelle is a consummate professional and responds in kind when called upon to serve in a volunteer setting.

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