• Accessibility Advisory Council

    The COMTO Accessibility Advisory Council works to ensure that the transportation needs of people with disabilities are incorporated into COMTO’s constituency. The committee highlights contributions that people with disabilities make to the transportation industry, bringing greater emphasis to disabled veteran-owned businesses among the historically underutilized businesses for which COMTO advocates.


    • Lina Aragon, Operations Manager, Palm Tran Public Transportation (Palm Tran), [email protected]
    • Martin Kareithi, Director, Systemwide Accessibility, Capital Metro, [email protected]
    • Christian T. Kent, Board Advisor, COMTO National Board of Directors and Principal, Transit Management Consulting, LLC, [email protected] 
  • CITY Internship Committee

    The COMTO Careers in Transportation for Youth (CITY) Internship Committee is committed to helping the next generation of transportation leaders climb the ladder of opportunity.


  • Emerging Leaders Subcommittee

    The COMTO Emerging Leaders Committee works on key initiatives to engage COMTO professionals seeking to build the requisite skills to advance toward the rank of Officer or Executive in public or private organizations within the transportation industry. The emerging leader has demonstrated a desire to produce at the executive levels within the transportation industry in his or her current role. Because of industry trends, he or she is expected to excel in order to develop and lead new infrastructure and technological initiatives and will benefit from mentoring and guidance to navigate into a plausible succession plan within the transportation industry.

    COMTO members who self-identify as an emerging leaders are placed into one of four tiers:

    Tier 1—Entry Level/Young Professionals: COMTO members who work in entry-level positions who seek to advance to their first management position.

    Tier 2—Middle Management: COMTO members who are responsible for planning and directing the work of others and/or key projects in light of organizational goals.

    Tier 3—Senior Management: COMTO members who in addition to planning and directing the work of others, also are responsible for allocating resources and for working across the organization to facilitate the development and dissemination of organizational goals.

    Tier 4—C-Suite Executives: COMTO members who are in charge of an organization or a primary function of an organization. They are responsible for ensuring the achievement of the organizational goals by advising senior management on strategies to accomplish goals.


    • Cyrill Weems, Director, Infrastructure- Water & Transportation, Burns & McDonnell, [email protected]
    • Aisha Eccleston Mundy, Director, Global Logistics, Cenntro Automotive Corporation, [email protected] 
  • HUB Committee

    The COMTO Historically Underutilizes Business (HUB) Committee assists the COMTO National Office with developing and maintaining a comprehensive and energetic program to promote the use of HUB vendors throughout the procurement process.


    • Gwendolen Gray, Second Vice Chair, COMTO National Board of Directors; Project Controls Director and Vice President, HNTB, [email protected]
  • Industry Awards Committee

    The COMTO Industry Awards Committee reviews award nomination submissions, selects final award honorees and hosts the COMTO Industry Awards, the official closing program of the annual COMTO National Meeting and Training Conference.


    • Regine Beauboeuf, At-Large Member, COMTO National Board of Directors; Senior Vice President and Director of Infrastructure and Mobility Equity, HNTB, [email protected]
    • Emille Williams, Deputy CEO, Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA), [email protected]
  • Legislative Advisory Council

    The COMTO Legislative Advisory Council promotes policies and programs that advance the organization, as well as the mission, vision and strategic plan.


    • Renee Banks, Board Advisor, COMTO National Board of Directors; President & Chief Communications Officer, G.W. Peoples Contracting Co., Inc., [email protected]
  • Membership Committee

    The COMTO Membership Committee generates initiatives to recruit and retain members, all subject to the review and approval from the COMTO National Board of Directors.


    • Ashley Greaves, Project Consultant, Hatch LTK, [email protected]
    • Tamika Gunn White, Senior Organizational Development Manager, Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA), [email protected]
  • Program Planning Committee

    The COMTO Program Planning Committee develops workshops and forums for the annual COMTO National Meeting and Training Conference. This committee reviews and evaluates ‘Call for Papers’ submissions in order to ensure that the workshops, continuing education units and forums meet the educational needs and goals of COMTO’s membership.


  • Scholarship Committee

    The COMTO Scholarship Committee cultivates scholarship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. This committee also educates members on the scholarship application process, as well as promotes scholarship opportunities to COMTO’s networks and throughout the transportation industry.


  • Strategic Planning Committee

    The COMTO Strategic Developing Committee maintains and refreshes the strategic plan to align with the mission, vision and goals of COMTO and to ensure that the COMTO strategic plan appropriately guides the organization to achieve its strategic direction desired.


    • Brittni Russaw, Transportation Planner, AECOM, [email protected]
    • Demauris Terry, President, COMTO Southern California (SoCal) Chapter; Chief Operating Officer, BA, Inc., [email protected]
  • Women Who Move the Nation

    The COMTO Celebrating Women Who Move the Nation Steering Committee ensures the successful planning and execution of COMTO’s Celebrating Women Who Move the Nation ceremony traditionally held annually during Women’s History Month. Activities include ensuring COMTO meets its revenue goals, choosing honorees that meet all predefined criteria, securing all honorees will be present at the ceremony, planning logistics of the event and participating in teleconferences to ensure all timeline items are completed on schedule and assisting with all assigned onsite duties the day of the event.


    • Tanya Adams, Chair, COMTO National Board of Directors; Vice President, Inclusion & Diversity, WSP USA

We believe that diversity moves the nation.

We believe that the leadership of a massive industry that has the responsibility of transporting all people all the time should reflect the complex mosaic of those they serve. We believe that commitment to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity and experience moves us forward every day.