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COMTO Webinar: Emotional Intelligence and Sensemaking During a Crisis

June 4 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Sensemaking are essential skills for any leader or professional. The challenge with EI and sensemaking in a crisis is that these skills cannot be turned on and off like a light switch. These skills must be cultivated in normative situations so that they do not fail you in a crisis. Just as athletes train their bodies and minds, leaders hone their EI and sensemaking skills in everyday circumstances to prepare them for the moment. This presentation will focus on EI and sensemaking as inseparable partners during a crisis.

Teamwork and collaboration are essential practices during a crisis. In these high-pressure situations, emotions tend to run high, and the intelligence to manage those emotions must rise as well. Great ideas and solutions can result in a catastrophe when intelligence does not increase with emotions. During a crisis, these mistakes can be costly, beyond repair.

Sensemaking is the activity that enables us to turn the ongoing complexity of the world into a “situation that is comprehended explicitly in words and that serves as a springboard into action” (Ancona, 2012). When you cannot draw on your experience to manage the equivocality of a crisis, how do you decide what actions to take? Some are stuck trying to lay the current framework over a situation that does not fit. Some are trapped in the rigidity of experience and past success and cannot begin to problem solve because there is no pattern of recognition. Proper sensemaking helps solve this problem.

Emotional intelligence joined with sensemaking is a must-have in the toolbox of any leader during a crisis. Learned Outcomes:

  • Participants will be able to recognize heightened emotions situationally and raise their intelligence to match
  • Participants will learn to focus on the goal and not the distractions
  • Participants will learn the concept of locus of control and its importance in a Crisis
  • Students will learn the seven steps of sensemaking
  • Participants will learn to avoid the barriers of effective sensemaking
  • Students will learn the practice of mapping a situation

Milo Thomas

Director of Customer Experience, AvailTec

Milo Thomas was born in Detroit, Michigan. He attended Eastern Michigan University for undergraduate studies, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a secondary focus on Mathematics. Milo joined Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. during his undergraduate career. Milo has been a Project Management Professional (PMP) since 2007. Recently, Milo completed his Executive Masters of Business Administration at Penn State University. The university deemed Milo one Poets and Quants elite 100 business school graduates of the top 100 business schools in the country.

Milo Thomas has over fifteen years of experience in Management, Business Development, Product Management, Project and Program Management, Software Engineering, Consulting, and Leadership Training and Development. Recently Milo was Senior Program Manager at Avail Technologies, where he managed deployments of transportation-focused technology for public transit across the United States. Currently, Milo is Director of Customer of Experience at Avail Technologies, where he is responsible for customer success and the Avail Experience. In this role, customer support, client training, and professional services are the departments Milo serves. Milo also works as a Leadership and Development Trainer, focusing on mentoring, project leadership, and emotional intelligence.

Before joining Avail Technologies, Milo was a Senior Project Manager and Consultant for ASG Software Solutions. As a Project Manager, he delivered high value-added, enterprise-level technology solutions to the healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and financial industries. These projects included international engagements in both the private and government sectors in Europe and Latin America.

Milo also has career experience in education. While teaching in the Detroit Public School System, Milo developed core mathematics and technology curriculums for high school students with enough potency to carry over as college credit for graduating seniors entering college. Milo’s teaching experience created a path for him to be responsible for leadership and development training for Project Managers at ASG Software Solutions.

Milo’s main hobby is martial arts and combat athletics. He has a black belt in Moo Duk Kwan kickboxing, a purple belt in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, and trains Muay Thai.


June 4
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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