COMTO Miami Celebrates 35 Years of Service and Making History 

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In celebration of their 35th Anniversary, COMTO Miami held its Kick-Off event on Tuesday, February 23, 2021 at 6:00 pm, via Zoom. The event recognized the chapter’s Founder and the first Executive Committee for their vision and dedication in establishing the chapter. The family of the late Carmen Hamm Davis, the chapter’s first Vice President, was presented with an award post-humus for Carmen’s relentless efforts. Members of the Executive Committee shared the story of their beginning, the challenges faced and their accomplishments. Former Presidents (Walter Johnson, Eugene Morrison, Frank T. Martin, Roosevelt Bradley, Melissa Rolle-Scott, Seraphin Bernard, and Kenneth H. Jones) were also on hand and saluted for their historic accomplishments in Miami-Dade as the “First Blacks” in several capacities. The Past-Presidents also went down memory lane sharing their experiences both professionally and challenging the current membership to keep pressing forward.

Among COMTO Miami’s past presidents is a rich history in Miami-Dade transportation and entrepreneurship.

Charles W. George, Sr. was the first black:
• Director of Human Resources Administration, Metro-Dade Transportation Administration
• Assistant Director, Metro-Dade Transportation Administration

Walter Johnson was the first black:
• President of the Miami-Dade Transit Supervisors Association
• President of the Government Supervisors Association of Florida

Eugene Morrison was one of three of the first Black Bus Operators:
• Train Operator
• Rail Supervisor in Miami-Dade County.

Frank T. Martin, was the first black:
• Executive Director and CEO of the Birmingham Jefferson County Transit Authority

Roosevelt Bradley was the first black:
• Director for Miami-Dade Transit.
• And is the only Black-owned manufacturer of bus and truck parts in the country.

Charles W. George, Sr., the chapter’s founding President (who was the first black Director of Human Resources at the MDTA) and Former County Commissioner Dr. Barbara Carey-Shuler, who served as the chapter’s first Ex-Officio (who was also the first Black Chairperson of the Miami-Dade County Commission) led a discussion on “Attracting Millennials into Transportation Careers”. This is a four-part series with the next session in in the Spring.

Veronica Griffin (1st VP), Greg Robinson (2nd VP) and Melissa Rolle-Scott (Board Member At-Large) served as the hosts for the event.

Stay tuned for the discussion!

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